This app was the brain child of a Belfast man who found himself tick infested after a long hike in the Maine woods. News Center tells how Dan Ladd came up with the idea for "What's My Tick" an easy-to-use app that would identify tick species and tell users how dangerous each species is.

That is when he sought out the help of his nephew a self taught app developer by the name of Ryan Bilodeau. Ryan developed the app in his free time and the recognition is based on the ticks markings.  He and his Uncle say they don’t care about any big pay off with the app, they just wanted to help people.

Knowing exactly which species of tick your have encountered is important when removing and knowing if you should seek testing and or treatment after a bite.The app is available for download at the Apple app store and for now only works with iPhones. The cost is $1.99.

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