Does anyone from out-of-state come to Maine and not eat a lobster?  Ask any front desk person at any hotel what one of the first things a person from away will ask about, and it's usually, "Where's the best place to get a lobster?"

Us straw chewing locals know where to go for the best lobster roll in the state. Or, we either know a fisherman or the best roadside store to pull into to pick up the freshest and tastiest crustacean.  We even know the Ten Commandments of Lobster!

But let's do what visitors to our state do when they're not sitting in the wrong lane at the stoplight on the way to Bar Harbor, they use sites like Yelp and read the reviews.

Bar Harbor:  Yelp says the highest rated lobster joint in-town is C-Ray Lobster on Route 3.  Genevieve from New York City said in her review, "Literally maybe the best lobster and mussels I've ever had. I am literally planning a trip back to bar harbor just to eat here again."

Bangor/Brewer:  The Eagles Nest Restaurant at 1016 North Main Street on the shore of the might Penobscot River in Brewer is recommended to visitors by hotel workers in the area, and the highest rated on Yelp.  Seth D. from New Bedford, Massachusetts excitedly exclaimed, "Came for the lobster roll, stayed for the amazing seafood. This lobster roll will stand up to any other four or five star lobster roll in New England, and I've had quite a lot of them. Tons of meat, mostly claw, just a little heavy on the mayo for me, piled high on top of a toasted hot dog roll,  buckling under the weight of the lobster meat."

Belfast:  In Belfast the highest reviews went to Young's Lobster Shore Pound Wharf at 4 Mitchell Street.  A really nice place by the water and it's BYOB to boot!  Dana S. from Indianapolis said, "Simply amazing. This place does not look like much, but for $65 you get two lobsters, about 3 pounds of clams and mussels, some shrimp, and corn. More than enough for two. They even cut the lobsters for you! Real melted butter is great too."

Bucksport:  Carrier's Mainly Lobster at 10 State Route 46 received the best reviews there.  Jarrett K. from Buffalo said, "That lobster roll is amazing!! So good!! Priced exactly right for what you get - made it taste even better!! Hands down the most amazing and the largest lobster roll I've had so far!!"

Ellsworth:  According to Yelp the place to buy lobster in this city is at Dorr Lobster Seafood Market right off Route 1A/Outer State Street on the Shore Road.  Mike P. from Harvard, Illinois, said in his review, "Many places in the area that do a lobster roll, but the  wonderful flavor of Dorr's stayed on my mind days later."

Machias:  Muther Shuckers Clam Shack at 376 Roque Bluffs Road seems to be the place to beat.  Alisha Z. from Cleveland says, "Mother Shucker's is the best place to get your lobstah in Maine! She has fresh eggs too. Put in your order with Nadine and she'll have it waiting for you alive and kicking. Can't beat Mother Shucker's if you're in Maine!"

Trenton:  The Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound seems to rule Route 3 on the way to the Island.  Pauly W. from Middleton, CT, said, "We stopped at here for lunch during our trip to Acadia National Park. This is the BEST lobster place I ever been!! Great service. Lobsters are so fresh and so delicious. Lobster sandwich is good too."

Well that's what we came up with, of course taking the word of vacationers for what it's worth.  Maybe they do know something that we don't, but we doubt it.  Let's go get a lobster!






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