A while back, Brady took a lotta of flack from New England Patriots fans who were worried for his safety after jumping off a rocky cliff into a swimming hole far below.  Now, everyone's jumping on the bandwagon after he and his young daughter's recent jump to the waters below.

Last week, Tom Brady and his family took another vacation in Costa Rica, which included a jump from the rocks and into the water below.  In the video that Brady posted on Facebook, you can watch Brady adjust his earplugs and then ask his six year-old daughter Vivian if she's ready to jump.  After a count of three, Brady, who is holding his daughter's hand,  jumps, but his daughter is initially hesitant for a millisecond before following behind.  Some would say that he may have helped her along.

The two clear the small cliff and make it safely into the water, but not before a young woman still on the top of the cliff yells "Oh my gosh!"

The good news is that everyone is alive and well, and Brady and his daughter will both live to see a six championship banner hoisted above Gillette Stadium in Foxboro when the Patriots' season begins in September.



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