Some Mainers coming home to visit will inevitably purchase legal cannabis.

Lovers of cannabis rejoiced when Maine's recreational market finally opened. There were long lines at the retail establishments, there were over a million dollars in sales the first month, And although anecdotally expensive, sales were, and still are, quite brisk.

And of course, probably more than a few people traveled here from other places to check out our supply chain. Or maybe came home for Thanksgiving, and that was the first time. But what about when it's time to go home? Can you just pack that stinky green up in your suitcase and hit the road?

Short answer.... Nope!

For one thing, taking it across state lines is a no-no. Just because you bought it here, doesn't make it legal in other places. And worse, if you try to take it on a plane, you could face an array of federal charges leading to a hefty fine, and possibly even face jail time. You'd be surprised how seriously the feds take bringing drugs on a plane.

Enjoy you're green Christmas here in Maine, just don't trade it for an orange jumpsuit.

For instance, according to an article last year from WGME - TV13, authorities in Texas were watching out specifically for folks travelling with cannabis or its derivatives. They've used drug-sniffing dogs on baggage in cargo areas, before they even get to baggage claim. So if they find it in your stuff, they'll be waiting to claim you, instead of you claiming your bags.

In short, as tempting as it may be to hit the road with whatever you've got leftover after visiting our fine state, you may just want to give it away. Or feed it to a deer. It's like candy to them, and no it doesn't make them high. Otherwise deer season, with its proximity to harvest time, would be a LOT easier for hunters, hahaha.

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