For me spring cleaning has two benefits.  First off I am allergic to dust so I breathe better once the house is cleaner and second when I have more free space I can justify getting more new stuff, SCORE! 

That said a new study shows I am not alone and there are even more perks I didn't know about. The study done by Clorox found that those who enjoy the act of cleaning are 25% happier that those who do not.
Also, people who keep a clean home are not only happier, but more relaxed and focused than those who are messy.  What’s more: children in cleaner home study more and show greater empathy.
And the biggest surprise was that those who regularly tidy up the house didn’t seem to experience diminishing returns: for each extra hour of cleaning a week, the average respondent’s happiness increased by 53%.

If this inspires you don't forget the Brewer high School Outdoor Education group is looking for donations right now for their yard sale on March 31st.

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