The Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education has named University of Maine at Orono, as the 'Most Outdoorsy" school in the Northeast, and the second most in the entire country. I'm sure that hardly comes as a shock to those of us familiar with UMaine.

For the past month, hundreds of students have been uploading all sorts of photos and videos of them doing all sorts of outdoor activities. From headlamp 5K's to hiking on the weekends, they documented their outdoorsyness to a special app. There were dozens of other schools from all over the country participating, according to WFVX - TV22.

And after all was said and done, UMaine came out on top. This is the second year in a row that they've gotten first place in the Northeast. They're hoping to go all they way next year and get the big title. What a cool goal to have?! I don't need to go into any real detail about my college years, but I was certainly not that motivated.

Of all the things a college could be known for, I think this is the coolest. Outdoorsy. Not drunkest. Not worst grades.... Outdoorsy. It's even fun to type and say out loud. You just did it didn't you? I knew it....

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