Check out this video shared Sunday by AJR Fishin' on YouTube.

The video was taken by an adolescent ice fishing in Milford. He is a apart of the Maine Youth Fish & Game Association and, now, a YouTuber, too. Check out this frightening two minute video where he encounters gun shots going off near his fishing site.

These two minutes of footage must have been so scary to live through, especially when you turn up the sound and *HEAR* how close the gunshots were to him.

*Turn up the sound*

The YouTuber states that this video was captured at the Otter Chain Pond's located in the South West corner of the Penobscot County town.

The bodycam video starts with the young fisherman sitting on what looks to be a pond iced over, with a hole dug into the ice to do some ice fishing. He sits reeling in his reel with a sled of items in the background.

Video still from AJR Fishin' via YouTube

At the :30 mark a gunshot is fired, which sounds relatively close. The fisherman visibly is surprised by the shot when you see his hands jump when the shot goes off, otherwise he seems pretty calm without saying or word or jumping up out of his chair.

Twenty seconds later, another shot goes off, then another. The second shot, if turned up really loud, you can actually hear how close the bullet came to the young man.  He even reacts to the closeness of the shot by jumping up a little.

Two more shots are heard after the last two and the body cam, which is seemingly positioned at the top of the torso of the fisherman, is moving steadily now up and down to the speed of the fisher's startled reaction and rapid breathing.

He takes a couple of seconds of pause when all the four successive shots seemed to have been done to gauge what he should do next. He responds, 'Hell no. No way am I staying here' reels up his fishing line, stands up and grabs his phone in his hand.

Video still from AJR Fishin' via YouTube

The fisherman takes another pause where you can see his shadow on the flat blanket of ice and snow over the pond. He is watching at the forest line waiting for more activity.

At 1:30, the fisherman picks up his chair to move towards his sled a few paces away.

Video still from AJR Fishin' via YouTube

At 1:33,  few seconds into walking over to his sled, you hear another gunshot go off accompanied by a high pitched sound that could be assumed is another bullet that comes extremely close to the filmer. Reacting to the sound, the fisherman drops to his knees and lays flat on the surface of the ice, waiting for the shooting to stop.

Video still from AJR Fishin' via YouTube

At 1:48 the ice fisherman yells at the shooters 'Hey, you guys gotta watch where you're shooting!'. After 45 seconds of laying flat on the ice, he gets up and runs to the edge of the pond, leaving his sled of equipment out on the pond.

Maine Youth Fish & Game Association shared the video on their Facebook page to warn people of the danger of shooting targets when you don't know what's behind them.

Please be careful out there.

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