Once again this year the Ahah Temple Shrine Feztival of Trees is lighting up on Broadway in Bangor.

The Anah Shrine is located at 1404 Broadway in Bangor.  For the Feztival of Trees local businesses decorate their tree and put items under them to for the winner of their tree.  The admission for the event is $2.00 and then 50 cents will buy you a ticket for a chance for the tree of your choice.  At the end of the Feztival a winner will be drawn from eahc bucket and the winner will receive lock, stock and barrel including the tree, decorationas and everything under the tree.  Not a bad deal for 50 cents and what fun.  All the proceeds from this event go to the Anah Shrine to help children get the medical assistance they need without cost to their family.  So head in and enjoy the Holiday cheer in a warm environment.

The Feztival of Trees is open for your enjoyment

  • Friday 11/16 from 10-8
  • Saturday 11/17 from 10-8
  • Sunday 11/18 from 10-6
  • Friday 11/23 from 10-8
  • Saturday 11/24 from 10-8
  • Sunday 11/25 from 10-4 With the drawing at 4 PM

Click here to see pictures from last years Feztival.

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