Monday through Friday I let you chime in on the question of the day.  You can call in on the listener-line , go to or chime in on our Facebook page.  Here's what we learned together  this week.

Monday we established that even though Tablets are cool, when the old desktop turns up toes and dies most of us are still going for a laptop to replace it. Although newer tablets have docking and keyboards the power isn't there yet.  So you told me.

Tuesday: A  big company had converted a closet to a napping room it's employees signed

up to take a 20 minute nap and they noted increased production. Everyone who chimed in here felt that napping at work sounded like a great idea and would improve afternoon performance. It definitely got a heck yeah ZZZZZ

Wednesday the consensus was that the average amount of $28,000  for a wedding was crazy.  Most of our chimers thought that was nuts! They spent on average $5000 - $10,000 and the most was spent on a vacation for the couple and their new blended family to the Virgin Islands.  I liked that.

The surprise chimes on Wednesday came from the guys who called in to tell me that the most expensive thing about getting married is divorce.  To that cautionary tale I say, invest in your marriage everyday you can.  Think of flowers, encouragement and admiration for your spouse, those things alone could save you in the end and make life happier in the meantime.  Here is the rub, you have to do it on purpose. Just sayin'

Thursday was based on a survey that stated the perfect age gap for a couple is 4 yr and 4

months older for the man.  You chimed and taught me that is ridiculous.  I though Terrence said it best " Physical age difference shouldn't matter, but mental maturity should be closer." Amen brother!

And finally Friday we asked where do you eat most of the time? A new study says we spend 6 of 10 meals in front of the TV.   I had a real mix on what you had to say about tis one.  However the upshot was you felt that it is acceptable to eat in front of the TV but it is also to your advantage to sit at the table equally as much for some face time and conversation with those you love.