Normally, we don't need a special day to enjoy one, but today is National Cheeseburger Day, so hey, why not?

Cheeseburgers, we love 'em! But where is the area's most favorite?  Once again we went to Yelp for help, and here's what the heavily used review site came up with.

  1. Eagles Nest Restaurant, North Main St. in Brewer
  2. Angelo's Pizzeria, 499 Hammond St. in Bangor
  3. Geaghan's Pub, 570 Main St. in Bangor
  4. The Family Dog, 6 Mill St. in Orono
  5. Nicki's Cruisin Diner, 957 Union St. in Bangor
  6. Five Guys, 878 Stillwater Ave. in Bangor
  7. Governor's Restaurant & Bakery, 643 Broadway in Bangor
  8. Longhorn Steakhouse, 605 Hogan Road in Bangor
  9. Angelo's Pizzeria, 105 Main Road South in Hampden
  10. Kosta's Restaurant and Bar, 429 Wilson St. in Brewer

So besides on the grill in your backyard, where's your favorite cheeseburger hiding?





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