Most of us just love a good piece of meat! Some like it rare while others love it well-done.  This is America, have it like you want, of course.  And, we do.

Yes, whether is be sirloin,T-bone, filet Mignon, flank, London broil or Porterhouse, we doll that baby up with onions, mushrooms, Worcestershire or steak sauce, then add potato and vegetable, and it's a meal for the ages.

We know where that meal is, because we just keep going back. It may be at one of the big steakhouses on Stillwater Avenue or Hogan Road in Bangor, or it may be located miles away in a small downeast Maine town on the way to the water.

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These past few weeks we've asked our listeners and online fans where the best pizza, doughnuts, and Chinese food was located in eastern Maine, and hundreds of votes later they didn't disappoint us with the results.

So today, we're asking steak lovers everywhere, "Where is the best steak dinner in eastern Maine?"  We know you know.  Now, tell us by taking our poll.  Once again we've come up with our listing of restaurants by personal experiences and those of our co-workers, and oh yes, with the help of

Meanwhile, while you're taking our poll, we'll start out the night with a really nice salad with maybe some tasty vinaigrette dressing on it, then of course we'll be moving along to a shrimp cocktail....

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