Notice that you've been getting less 'likes' on Facebook posts? You're not losing your mind.

Facebook is once again changing. Not in ways you may notice right off the bat. Some of my more 'creative' posts on my Facebook page generally get 100+ 'likes.' My average amount of 'likes' per status is closer to 30-40.

Thirty to 40 'likes' might seem like a lot to the average user who has roughly 300 Facebook friends. For me 30-40 people engaging in my Facebook activity is extremely low considering my friend list is now over 2,000 people. Shouldn't I have more 'likes' with 2,000 people following my activity? Not if Facebook has anything to do with it!

Facebook has started to limit who sees your posts A LOT! I may have 2,000 friends but only a small fraction of those people will actually see my post. Facebook's Newsfeed algorithm has shifted making it harder for your posts to be viewed. This is possibly a new way Facebook is trying to monetize it's userbase of billions of accounts.

A new video by Derek Muller explains it all. Muller is the creator of Veritasium, which is an educational science channel on YouTube.