We asked you to show us your mamma...And you did! All this week, you've been sending us photos of your mom, and little descriptions as to why you think she's "Wicked Awesome!"

Up for grabs, an overnight hotel stay, and dinner, for two! So your mom wouldn't have to cook or make the bed! Heck, she might be able to watch TV uninterrupted, read a book, or even take a nice, long shower without someone yelling questions at her through the door!

We got shots from all over the state, and some great little notes and messages. And while we wish we could have given all of your moms a prize, there could only be one winner. We grabbed one lucky name from out of a hat this morning, and the winner of the "Wicked Awesome Mom" photo contest is Morgan from Naples!

Morgan sent us this picture of her mom, and this little message:

"My mother is my best friend! She is always there when I need her, and always gives the best advice. I am not sure what I would do without her! We are a lot alike, and both love to have fun. The world is crazy and it’s so great to know that she will always be my rock!"

So, Morgan's mom is going to get a Dine-and-Stay prize pack for two at Hollywood Casino in Bangor!

Morgan and her mom
Morgan and her mom

Bottom line, to all who entered--you're lucky to have such great moms! Make sure you share those beautiful sentiments you sent us with your mothers this weekend.

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