Back in the day, we all know that logging in Maine was king, and because there was so much money to be made out there, men would stay out there for months at a stretch. Anyone isolated out in the woods that long, is going to have the potential to get a little on the loony side, I think.

While most folks around the country have heard of Bigfoot/Sasquatch, lots of regions have their own creatures that inhabit their woods. For instance, the Jersey Devil is indigenous to the state of New Jersey. Or how every big lake around the world has their own version of Nessie.

In Maine, back a couple centuries, there were three creatures specifically that seemed to cause woodsmen a lot of anxiety, according to the BDN, and were all featured in a book called Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods: With a Few Desert and Mountain Beasts. Let's check them out.

The Tote Road Shagamaw when you read about it, sounds almost like a giant Jackalope. It's a half-bear/half-moose hybrid that would walk a quarter mile at a time, alternating between its bear paws and moose hooves. Personally, I'm imagining maybe there was some homemade liquor involved in these sightings. Haha.

The Billdad is an odd, little creature believed to live up in the northwestern tip of Maine and into Canada. This odd little critter was roughly the size of a beaver, and had the same flat tail. But it also had kanagroo-like legs, and a beak like an eagle. Yes, you read all that right. Again, homemade hooch has to be a part of all this. And lastly...

The Agropelter's name actually pretty much implies what its deal is. It's a little ape-like creature with long arms, that would snap branches off of trees, and then throw them at their unsuspecting victims. It was believed that the branches could be thrown with such force, that death was a distinct possibility.

Two hundred years ago, these creatures may have seemed a bit more believable. I mean when you're living in a time period where leaches and bloodletting were still semi-common, being convinced that weird creatures with very specific agendas lived in the woods isn't that far fetched. And who knows? They may be totally real. But probably not.