Seriously, Facebook, enough!

Teens hate Facebook, Facebook wants you to buy 'likes' and now Facebook has taken another jab at Twitter. You may have noticed the 'Trending' widget in the right-hand rail of Facebook, if not you will soon.

Facebook users in the U.S., U.K., India, Canada and Australia are the first to have the new feature. It is not visible on Facebook mobile.

The 'Trending' feature will let users know what others are posting about at the moment. Twitter has had this feature since it's mainstream launch. In my opinion, Twitter more appropriately embraces the trending feature. Twitter has a faster post rate among users, thus a more accurate sample of what people are talking about.

I think Facebook is going through an identity crisis. It's adopting ideas that don't really improve the social network. Plus, frustration is growing with the new News Feed algorithm. The new algorithm is supposedly a monetizing move to get users to pay for their posts to be viewed by more people on their friend list. I don't see that working, at all. I see users ditching the network before they drop a dime on a status update.

Facebook, you're starting to be not so fun...