Whoops, things have changed again.

This past Tuesday, Governor Janet Mills signed Executive Order 53-A. Feel free to read through the mumbo jumbo, but overall it states that if the town or city in which you reside can pull off registering a vehicle, then you should do it as soon as possible.

If the municipality in which you reside cannot, then you have 30 days from when the governor's State of Civil Emergency expires, which is July 11.

The executive order also states that if you can register your vehicle with your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles office, then you should do so immediately. But, those remain closed as of this writing, so you're out of luck there.

In Bangor, the city's Treasury Office now resides at the Cross Insurance Center. You can register your vehicle there now.

You can register a vehicle in Ellsworth online, or in person by making an appointment.

Remember, you can always use the state's Rapid Renewal service. This online service allows you to actually register a vehicle from the comfort of your very own recliner, while wearing only underwear and eating pickled pigs feet, although it's not required.

Concerning the pandemic situation that we all currently reside in, we're sure that there must be some sort of leniency when it comes to enforcing out dated vehicle registrations at this point. So, take your time on the way to City Hall or the Cross Insurance Center.  No need to get caught speeding.

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