There's nothing more frustrating than doing a weekend's worth of leaf clean-up on your yard, only to find out you've missed your city's leaf collection date! So, to give you a far enough head start, here are the area leaf-collection dates.

Bangor's Public Works crews will start collecting leaves across the city on Monday, November 1st. And just like last year, they will only be doing one pass through the streets, and not multiple passes as they had in prior years.

According to the Bangor Public Works website,

"Loose leaves should be raked to the edge of the road where crews can collect them with large vacuum units. Please exercise caution to ensure that rocks, branches, yard waste, and other debris are not included in the loose-leaf piles, as they may plug the vacuum hose, damage the vacuum unit, or injure Public Works employees. Brush, branches, and yard waste, as well as leaves, may also be brought to the Bangor Public Works Compound at 530 Maine Avenue, Monday through Sunday, during daylight hours."

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According to Brewer Public Works, residents have a little bit longer to deal with their yards,  as Brewer usually collects the leaves the week before Thanksgiving, more towards the middle of the month. But you'll have to bag them up first.

"Leaves set out for collection must be in biodegradable bags...Leaves in non-biodegradable plastic bags or piled loose WILL NOT be picked up curbside.  While supplies last, biodegradable paper bags will be available for purchase (50¢ each) at the Brewer Landfill on Elm St."

In Orono, the town's website, residents are being asked to bag up leaves and brush and have it curbside by Monday, November 1st.

"Bagged leaves should be placed curbside next to the brush and limbs. Piled limbs should be at most four feet in length.  Brush should be neatly piled at the curbside and limbs should be stacked with the broadest diameter ends facing the curb. No chunks of firewood, blocks of wood or stumps will be picked up. 

If you happen to miss the November 1 date, the landfill accepts garden waste and brush year-round, for no additional charge, to residents who have stickers.

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