Drive Home Mystery Artist
Tonight’s mystery artist has only ever done one gig outside of his regular band. It was an instrumental called Respect the Wind. Think you know who he might be or the band he plays with still??
Christmas Lights for a Cause!
For six years, the Hathaway family has put on this light show to benefit the Eastern Maine Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as a thank you to the family's own personal experience with the hospital. Meet Rick Hathaway and what goes into this year's display!
Santa Came to Denny’s In Ellsworth
If you're struggling to believe in Santa, or finding the good in people this time of year, please take 2 minutes and read this story, of how a waitress who was in need of a little Christmas miracle met Santa at Denny's
Drive Home Mystery Artist
Tonight’s mystery artist has made some changes of late and in his words he’s “Found A New Center of Gravity.” Any guess who our newly grounded individual might be or what happened??

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