A new survey by hand washing products manufacturer Bradley reveals the differences between men and woman when it comes to cleaning up after using a public bathroom.

74% of woman said that they always wash their hands compared to 60% of men.

The majority of woman revealed the use of hand sanitizer was the reason why they didn't use the sink, men said that soap was not available.  Men were two and a half times more likely not to wash up afterwards citing that they didn't feel the need.

Many respondents said that they had seen someone use the toilet or urinal and not wash up afterwards.

The survey also revealed that people made the effort to avoid germs in a public restroom.

64 percent operate the toilet flusher with their foot. 60 percent use a paper towel when touching the restroom door. 48 percent open and close doors with their hip. 37 percent use a paper towel when touching faucet handles.