I can't say that I have never put on a pair of worn and ripped jeans and felt as if I was the height of fashion.  On this other side though, I can't seem to bring myself to pay full price for a pair that have been pre-distressed.

Well here we go again. "The shabby shoe look" has hit the scene.'Most of us throw out shoes when they get too tattered but Converse is hoping we do things differently moving forward. They are hoping to tempt you into buying sneakers which have been made to look deliberately dirty, apparently because there is nothing like your scuffed up old comfy pair.

The shoes come in pink, turquoise and baby blue, with stained sole and toe caps, and dirtied, thinner laces. Oh, and they cost $83.

The upside of course is that the outside looks used but I am assuming that the insides have the support of a new shoe.  Let's hope.

If not we can probably find the same thing at Goodwill for a heck of a lot less. Unless you're like me that the thought of wearing the shoes of someone you don't know creeps you out:)

Or, you can buy a good new pair and make them look worn out, Here's How, And yes it requires dirt.