One of the more popular holiday songs that we play is the locally produced "Santa Comes To Maine"!  Every December our phones ring off the hook as to who performed it and "where can I get it"?

Well, for this Thanksgiving, the same creator of Santa Comes To Maine gives us "All I Want Is Some  Pie", and it's a doozy!  The song is set to Don McLean's American Pie, and tells the story of a traditional dysfunctional family gathering at Thanksgiving.

The songs creator, Thom Osborne, says, “The idea actually came to me fifteen or twenty YEARS ago, but I never got around to writing it until last year.  The song’s a long one, so it took forever to finish the lyrics.  Then, as luck would have it, I got a nasty cold and couldn’t sing it in time for Thanksgiving.  So I put it on ice.  This year I dug it out, made a few revisions, and hammered it out in one night.”

I hope you enjoy "All I Want Is Some Pie"!