As you process your world, are you in your right mind? I mean literally. As I have always understood things this way, if you are left-handed you are right brained creative and so on.  And conversely, if you are right handed the opposite applies…right?  Well then, there wouldn't be any right handed artists or composers now would there be. So how can you tell which you are? Easy, I found an on-line test that runs you through a battery of questions to see which side of you head rules the roost.

The site is done by a group called Sommer +Sommer.   The questions vary from your impression of certain shapes and concepts to a few physical tasks. It also then explains the results.  I found it to be fun. My results? Although I write with my left hand I am really quite ambidextrous and that is exactly what the test showed my brain pulls almost equally from both sides of my brain..  Take the test here and have fun. :)D