According to "police informants", law enforcement and medical officials, there's a new strain of bath salts out there and it's hitting the Bangor area hard.

Said Ken Pike, a Maine Drug Enforcement Agency Commander, "The informants, the people who are talking to us, are saying it seems to be stronger, more potent than what was available before".

An article in today's edition of the Bangor Daily News explains that there are three big bath salt areas in the state, the mid-coast region around the Rockland area, Bangor and Aroostook County.  But users and the law know that the problem is state wide.

Bath salts will make users delusional, paranoid and sometimes very violent.  Ask any family member, cop or emergency room worker that has come in contact with a user, and they'll tell you it's not a very pleasant experience.

Bath salts, or "Monkey Dust" as it's called in the Bangor area, has spread significantly, with police responding to one to three incidents of bath salt use daily.  Now users really have no idea what they're getting themselves into.  “It’s not the batch you got the last time,” Bangor police Sgt. Paul Edwards said this week, warning bath salts users about the deadly bath salts strain.

Most bath salts users can't keep a job, and support their habit by breaking into homes, using the money that they obtain to buy and sell the drug.  Users risk bodily harm to themselves and those around them. There is nothing safe about using bath salts, injecting the synthetic drug can lead to everything from bacterial infection to maybe a trip out a third floor window.  It also means more kids going into state custody, because their parents cannot care for them any longer.

Stay away from bath salts.  If you know someone with a problem, help them get away from it, now.  Need help, start HERE.  And, keep an eye out in your neighborhood.  If you see something suspicious, don't be afraid to report it.