Before you read this and get bummed out remember an occasional splurge is good and even healthy so plan accordingly and read on.

In recent years the sales of the grills have doubled and charcoal sales have gone up by 176 percent. More than half of those who go to a BBQ admit that we eat more at barbecues than we do at other meals.

Let’s face it, for most of us there is no better way to enjoy those long summer evenings than a barbecue. Health experts are warning us to beware of the barbecue after it has emerged the average BBQ is a 3,000 calorie binge. The 3,000 calories involved is the equivalent of a day and half's worth of food for a woman - and is 500 calories more than a man's daily limit.– not to mention overdosing on salt at the same time. Why you ask would this be the case?? Health experts fear that many people feel obliged to try everything at a barbecue, particularly when they have been invited as a guest.

A survey has also revealed 32 percent of people enjoy burgers most and half of us go back for seconds and more than a fifth a have thirds. Then of course we will usually help ourselves to not one, but two of the desserts on offer and by the end of the meal have eaten around 3,000 calories, the study found.  The calculations did not include alcohol or soft drinks, which would add hundreds of extra calories to the tally.