All these years of fretting over having a big derriere and it turns out to be good for you, at least according to a team of researchers at the Mayo Clinic. They reported that having a physique in the shape of a pear women showed to be more resistant to chronic illness. No short study either they cataloged data from over 16,000 women which showed that our fat bottom girls had higher leptin levels which is responsible for regulating weight along with a separate hormone that acts as an anti–inflammatory, protects your vascular system and helps you from getting diabetes.

Oh butt that’s not all they also postulate the fat bottom girls are smarter too.  In which case Kim Kardassian must be a genius. I’m not making this up, that big ole butt seems to require more Omega 3 fats which also push your brain’s development.

Why you ask would this be the bottom line? Turns out a bigger bottom gal tends to have lower levels of cholesterol and were more likely to produce hormones to metabolize sugar. Or in other words they are less likely to have diabetes or heart problems.

So if you can believe the experts if you gotta be chubby somewhere there no buts about it the butt’s the best.