Soon Bath Iron Works will be sending new ships to the high seas.

Bath Iron Works (BIW) has been constructing ships on the banks of the Kennebec river since 1826. Safe to say things have changed a lot of the years of building destroyers. BIW has been building DDG series destroyers for the Navy for years and years. However, their latest project has been a very different change in pace.

BIW's first stealth destroyer is set to christened in October. The $3 billion Zumwalt is a new class of destroyer and the largest for BIW and the Navy. The 600-foot-long ship is one of three that will be built by BIW. It will be a platform for new warship technologies.

The ships feature a new wave-piercing hull, electric drive propulsion, missiles, composite deckhouse, advanced sonar and guns that fire rocket-propelled warheads as far as 100 miles.

I feel bad for whoever is on the receiving end of this bada$$ boat!