The Great State of Maine Air Show headliners are back baby!

Aw yes, I have fond memories of the Great State of Maine Air Show growing up. My friends and I would go to Fat Boy's drive in restaurant, park the car and watch the jets roar by...and stuff are faces.

The U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels aerobatics team returning to Maine in 2015 is the big news in Brunswick. The Great State of Maine Air Show announced the return of the fan favorite, Blue Angels yesterday on Facebook.

The International Council of Air Shows convention is going on this week in Las Vegas. Attendees got an early bird glance at the Blue Angels' 2015 schedule, the news traveled fast.

The almost four decades old Great State of Maine Air Show was formally sponsored by the Navy and free to attend. In 2011, the Brunswick Naval Air Station closure forced an entrance fee for the first time. Attendance fell from 100,000 fans to about 25,000. In 2012, U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds took the headlining slot and bumped attendance up to 40,000. This past September the Blue Angels were forced to cancel their gig at the show due to federal budget cuts. Because of the cancellation, show organizers decided to cancel the event all together.

The Great State of Maine Air Show will take place Sept. 5-6, 2015.