A wildfire in Bradford has claimed approximately seven acres of land. The blaze started as the result of a permitted burn controlled by the farmer that owns the land. The Maine Forest Service warns that the fire danger is high around the state right now and will only get worse with our expected stretch of hot, dry weather.

During the weekend, a Livermore resident told fire rangers he started a fire on his land to see how it would burn.The fire spread out of control and burned a shed, a pile of tires, and an acre of grass and brush. The landowner was issued a summons.

The wildfire in Bradford was reported at around 10:30 this morning. Jeff Currier of the Maine Forest Service told us, "When we got here, it looked like the fire had started in a grass field but then extended into the woods and really started to take off."

He said firefighters from Kenduskeag, Corinth, Bradford, Glenburn, Charleston, Hudson and LaGrange responded, along with a forest service helicopter. No structures were damaged although there were several buildings downwind of the fire. The blaze was contained just before noon and now firefighters are in what they call the "mop-up stage."

Currier says there were several fires over the weekend and a few outbuildings were lost, however he doesn't think any houses have been lost as a result of wildfires. But he says, with the weather the way it is, it's just a matter of time.

Folks are urged to contact their local fire department to inquire about conditions before doing any open burning. You must obtain a permit. Jeff says burning at night is recommended because the winds tend to die down at night, making the fire easier to control.

For more information, log onto the Maine Forest Service Website.