Brewer High School is getting a much needed renovation. As you can tell by the graduation picture (yes, that's me on the far right), the school is my alma mater and I can attest to the fact that not a lot has changed in all those years. But now, it's getting a face-lift and some functional improvements. Check out this picture of the finished product. It's going to be beautiful!

Of course, the much-need renovation has forced some adjustments to the way Brewer High School will run this year. The front of the building is now fenced off and will remain that way throughout the entire school year.

Principal David Wall says the primary reason for the update is security. A new entrance will be installed where visitors will have to be buzzed in. But there are some functional reasons, as well.

"The second part of this will deal with our new cafeteria. We have a very small cafeteria currently and that's going to be renovated and converted to a cafeteria that will essentially be twice the size." Wall told me last week. "The third part of this deals with a lecture hall. We're very excited about that. We will have a hundred seat lecture hall that obviously we can use during the school day but it will be available also for community events and so forth."

The main entrance to the school has been moved to the end of the senior wing, which is the wing closest to Hannaford. Wall says visitors should park next to Hannaford and walk in that back door. The main office will be immediately to their right.

And school buses have been rerouted, and will now enter the back of the school via Acme Road. Wall says he hopes students and parents will be patient with the construction because the finished product will be worth it!