Bangor Recycle Children’s Car Seat Event
In honor of Earth Day, just in time for that summer road trip and because most experts agree that you should change up your child's car seat as they grow a local business is offering a chance for you to turn in the old one for proper disposal.
5 Bangor Area Parking Lots That Drive Us Crazy
We asked our I-95 listeners which parking lots in the area really made them hold on tight to the steering wheel and hope for the best, and being local drivers ourselves, we were not surprised by the results.
Road Trip Worthy: Maine Wildlife Park Opens This Weekend
If you like to hike through the Maine woods and see wildlife running about you are like most of us. However, we all know that outside of the occasional chipmunk or red squirrel most of the time you leave the woods having seen a lot of trees and not many animals. That is why a trip to the Maine Wil…

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