You know everybody gets held up once and a while but some people have a bad habit of always being late. For those of us who know them, it's an inconvenience, or at worse, inconsiderate. But now fancy this, a British guy named Jim Dunbar has a doctor's note to excuse his tardiness.

The Evening Telegraph reports wearing a watch, setting his clocks fast or leaving his home some 12 hours early did nothing to stop Dunbar's tardiness. After a life literally of missed opportunities, the 57-year-old now has the perfect excuse: he has been diagnosed with chronic lateness.

Eventually, a doctor explained to Dunbar that his condition is rooted in a defect in the same part of the brain as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). And here is a big surprise for you, Dunbar says his family still doesn't believe the diagnosis.

Do you buy it?