Jim Lovell, a 52 year old truck driver from Clinton is now wading in $2 million cash, well actually 1.4 million after taxes, but you know, it will do!

Lovell bought the ticket at the Canaan Superette back in February.  When the owner of the store, Tom Ward, got a call from lottery officials on February 25th, he was asked if he had heard the news.  Mr. Ward was hoping that the winner would turn out to be a regular customer, and Jim Lovell is.  Ward said,  "We were excited to find out it was one of our regular players. James is a nice guy and it’s great that the win was for someone in our own community.”

Lowell stopped by the Superette the next day to check his numbers and everybody there just kind of went into shock.  The first five numbers matched: 2-5-31-39-41, and that meant he had won $1 million.  Jim had paid an extra buck for the Powerball option which meant that he had doubled his winnings!

According to reports, the Canaan Superette will receive $20,000.

Jim Lovell has set up a couple of trust funds for his grand daughters and has purchased a new diesel truck complete with a plow.  He hasn't spoken to the media since February 26th.