Got a few resolutions for 2013? Don't start them just yet!

New year, new you; that's the idea behind new year resolutions. But experts and doctors agree January is not the time to try. Procrastinators, rejoice! Doctors say spring is the best time to resolve, especially when trying to loose weight. The logic behind this is actually quite simple.

In January most folks are exhausted from the holidays and are stressed out. Resolutions add to that stress rather than decrease it, setting you up to fail. By spring 68% of Americans have already failed at keeping their resolutions. At the end of the year only 15% claim success. The fear of failing in its self is another obstacle in the way of a resolution. We all talk about our resolutions around January, failing at it can be embarrassing or disheartening causing more if you need more.

Another factor, it's winter. The weather durring a good ol' Maine winter isn't very motivating. It's cold and it's dark, it's hard to feel energized. Spring time feels like an awakening. The temperature is rising, snow is melting and squirrels are frolicking in the green get it. If you resolve to loose weight it's far easier to be active.

So their you have it! March is the best time to make those changes for 2013. Give it a shot! Remember, "the secret to self-improvement is persistence, not perfection."