Artists of all ages and skill levels are invited to paint images of Downtown Bangor on Saturday to help raise money for the library’s new roof. Once the paintings are done, they will be sold at a charity auction that evening with the proceeds benefiting the library's roof fund.

President of the Bangor Art Society Ulrike Guthrie says the Bangor Public Library is a special place for many, including for her family.

"When I first moved to Bangor, 14 or 15 years ago now, the day after we moved here, as soon as we closed on the house, the first thing we did with our little children was we joined the library. And, you know, we would have had to spend a lot of money on books if we hadn't had the library, so we're very grateful for it."

Artists will need to show up at the library between 6am and 3pm on Saturday to have their canvas or papers stamped, to authenticate that the painting was done that day. They will then bring their completed works back to the library to be sold that evening at a charity auction.

The auction will be held at the Bangor Public Library, with the preview at 5:30, and the actual auction scheduled from 6 to 8pm. Half the proceeds from each painting that sells will be given to the artist, with the other half used to benefit the library's roof fund. There will also be prizes for artists in several different categories and age groups! For more information on the Downtown Bangor Paint Out and Auction, log onto the Bangor Public Library’s website.