Maine Coast Memorial Hospital and Eastern Maine Health Services signed a letter of intent on Monday, beginning a merger of the two facilities. It's great news for folks in Hancock and Western Washington counties.

The two hospitals sent out a press release today, announcing the move, calling it the result of the planning process the Ellsworth Hospital initiated last year, to explore all options to improve its services for the long term.

“Change is occurring at every hospital in the nation. Looking ahead, it will be harder than ever for Maine Coast Memorial Hospital to thrive without a partner,” said Adin Tooker, Chair Maine Coast Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees. “We made this strategic decision now while we are able to evaluate our choices from a position of strength and have the time to conduct a thoughtful and thorough review on our own terms.”

The merge is good news for folks in Hancock and western Washington Counties, as EMHS will help MCMH offer things like tele-medicine, which is especially valuable in rural communities.