Finally as we deal constantly with the inappropriate use of opiates such as Oxycodone  has the FDA logged onto our way of thinking and voted not to approve a new Oxi/Morphine combo drug. Maine is not the only state being hard hit by prescription opiate abuse issues, in Massachusetts the Governor issued a state of emergency and forbid pharmacies to dispense a different new opiate which had come available last month.

For the FDA panel the decision was unanimous voting against the new drug Moxduo an even more powerful opiate. The FDA  questioned the drug's benefit over exclusively using morphine or oxycodone and did not agree with the "intended benefits" that the drug manufacturer's trials documented. They were also alarmed by the ease in which this new drug could be smoked, snorted of taken intravenously.

I feel a little bad for the pharmaceutical company which developed this drug.  I am sure this is a big financial hit for them but so would more addicts on the street be for us…so I’m over it.

The FDA hasn't officially made a ruling on the drug's status, but the administration typically follows the decisions arrived at by its panels.