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Fire crews from several communities responded to a call last night just before 6 o'clock on Highland Avenue in Dedham.

Fire Chief Craig Shane says fire fighters from Holden, Eddington, Lucerne and Orrington assisted the Dedham crew. The fire leveled one camp belonging to folks out of state who told him they had disconnected the power to the camp before leaving it for the season.

Chief Shane says no one was hurt, but one propane cylinder exploded, and because of the tight spaces the fire damaged 5 other camps in the area.

Fire crews were on scene until midnight and the state fire marshals office has been asked to investigate the cause.

It always seems when the weather turns colder our news includes more stories about families losing their belongings and property to fires.

Maine fire fighters want to remind you of safety precautions when it comes to using heating sources during the winter months so lives are not lost.

Don't leave flammable materials close to your heat source, and use extreme caution with candles, never leaving them unattended. Get your furnaces and chimneys checked and cleaned before operating them for the new heating season.

Winter time is also a time when we report about people who die from exposure to carbon monoxide, most commonly because of improperly vented generators. In extreme cases during winters with heavy snowfall you're reminded to be sure your tailpipe is cleared away before warming up your car.

We turn our clocks back this weekend, a time when fire departments remind you to check your batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

You can always contact your local fire department for more helpful tips.