Lights, Camera Action!  We're off again, fighting the battle for truth, justice and to keep you from spending hard earned money on movies that suck. My ever faithful movie companion Mom and I headed over to the Bangor Mall Cinemas on Sunday to check out Oblivion

The movie runs 126 minutes, Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence, brief strong language, and some sensuality/nudity.  Directed by Joseph Kosinski - based on a graphic novel treatment that he co-penned with comic book writer Arvid Nelson (Dark Horse Comics’ Rex Mundi)

It is the story of a post invaded earth where most of earth’s survivors have been moved to one of Saturn's moons Titan in a new colony while a select few remain behind to secure the harvest earth’s resources.  The two main characters are Jack, played by Tom Cruise, who plays a repair man for the finicky but lethal aerial drones, and a man haunted by memories that were supposed to have been wiped clean. He also has a fascination of long-abandoned relics of humanity. And Vica, Andrea Riseborough, Jack’s communications officer and sole-confidant, on the other hand is eager to reunite with the rest of the survivors on Titan.  Adding to the movies allures are Morgan Freeman and some slick visual effects and enjoyable excitement.

Like most movies based on graphic novels they bank on more visual show, i.e. aerial drones, and the post-war New York City, than content development which can make Oblivion a little confusing at times and there are a few plot holes you will need to overlook.  However, generally speaking if you can hold your patience most information is sorted out and revealed by the end of the movie.There are some very good action scenes and a few brief moments of humor.

Over all as Scifi movies go, both mom and I thought it was visually so well done. Showing brilliant creativity starting with the attack drones and all the way to the remnants of New York.  Very well acted by Cruise, Freeman and their supporting cast members. Only some small cohesion issues with the story line and a little predictability.  1-10 we rate Oblivion a 7 for Scifi fans.

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