Want to get rid of that old computer monitor out in the garage?  How about that printer, cell phone, and big screen TV?  They all haven't worked in years, but to throw them away at the local recycling center will cost you big bucks!

Well not this Saturday!

The Challenger Learning Center of Maine at 30 Venture Way in Bangor will be holding a FREE "E-Waste" event this Saturday between 9am and 2pm!  It's open to any resident of any community.

The Challenger Learning Center's staff will be on hand to help you unload and they will be accepting donations.  According to The Challenger's website, they offer simulation of space missions to fourth through tenth grade students. Merging the power of imagination with the joy of discovery, students become engineers and scientists as they experience the excitement of space exploration in these simulations.

So instead of paying for disposal of your E-Waste, you can make a donation to a good cause.

Bring microwave ovens, monitors, TVs, cell and regular phones, VCRs, scanners, laptops, remote controls, digital cameras, projectors, two-way radios, digital picture frames, medical electronics, CD and DVD players, and more.  No batteries, smoke alarms or florecent lights.