Turns out that may just be the way of the world today.  I think that is unfortunate, I loved spending time with both my grandparents when they were here.  I also learned alot about how they saw the world and the way they did things, It's part of who I am today. 

However, today's grandparents are in danger of being overlooked for advice by their grandchildren, who are more accustomed to searching for answers on the internet.

A new study reveals that nine out of every 10 grandparents claimed their grandchildren failed to ask them for advice for simple tasks, instead turning to online channels such as Google, YouTube and Wikipedia for information. Answers on how to boil an egg, iron a shirt and even details on their own family history are now easily found by younger generations glued to their smartphones, tablet computers or laptops.

**FYI: Almost two-thirds of grandparents felt their traditional roles were becoming less and less important in modern family life.