'Ello, my name is Bruce.' 'Ello, Bruce!' Anytime I write about sharks, I have to use a 'Finding Nemo' quote...

Just in time for your weekend adventures, a shark was spotted just outside Saint Andrews harbor in Passamaquoddy Bay. Monday a Great White shark swam up to a Canadian tour boat. Someone off camera estimated the shark at 15 feet long. The shark circled the boat for about 10 minutes before swimming away.

Scientists say the seal population in the Gulf of Maine is on the rise. Consequently we should be seeing more Great White sharks in particular looking to munch on them. Other sharks swimming off our coast include porbeagles, thresher, mako, blue sharks.

Most sharks can be found about seven miles out to sea. Sharks swimming near beaches is extremely rare. Maine and New Hampshire have never had a reported shark attack.