Hannaford in Yarmouth will soon be offering a new service called "Hannaford To Go", and it's just perfect for either someone who's in a complete rush or far too lazy to deal with grocery store shopping!

It's a pretty easy situation.  Just breeze through Hannaford's inventory using either your computer or mobile device, fill up your virtual grocery cart with necessities like Cocoa Krispies and Schlitz, and then pay with a credit card and schedule a pick up time.

Here's the hardship rock 'n rollers, you'll eventually have to show up in person to pick up your order.  You'll end up idling in a designated lane while someone from Hannaford fills your trunk with what you've purchased.

There is no charge for this service if your order is more than $125, anything under that will be a $5 surcharge.  A small price to pay to not run into that old girlfriend.

The Yarmouth Hannaford is the third store in the chain to offer Hannaford To Go.  The company is finishing up a recent renovation there.