In the boneheaded move of the day, a helicopter carrying six lead acid batteries weighing more than one hundred pounds apiece, accidently dropped its cargo onto Ragged Mountain near Rockport.  The 700 pound load was on a pallet being carried by the chopper until it broke free. The accident happened on Tuesday of this week.

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection said that out of the six large batteries dropped, five exploded with three starting fires when they hit the ground.  One landed in a bed of peat moss and was partially intact when found. The field of debris stretched over a 1000 foot square area, some debris were hanging from the trees.  Luckily the fires did not do much damage.

Sulfuric gel, you know, the stuff that will burn a hole through your jeans, was unfortunately spread all over the area and will have to be cleaned up.

The chopper was carrying the batteries to a Verizon cell phone tower on top of Ragged Mountain, which is located near the Camden Snow Bowl.