Once again this year as I was wondering through the stores before Halloween, Christmas lights were twinkling at me from remote corners of the store and layaway promoters were offering me literature on my options.  Thanks, but no thanks.

And I do not appear to be alone. Although retailers keep inching the holiday shopping season up every year, hard as they try, most of us are in no hurry to accommodate them . And to my way of thinking they kind of shoot themselves in the foot because we all know the closer to the Holiday we get the lower prices will tend to go. Ergo, most of us wait until the last minute to do our Christmas shopping.

In fact statistics show, we have 40% more "spend activity" on our credit cards in December than any other month in the year. November doesn't even rank as second-strongest. That honor goes to August, when consumer spending is 7% higher than the average month thanks to back-to-school shopping.

**FYI: February, March and April are the worst months for retailers, and from January to May we generally put our plastic away until the summer vacation seasons starts.

Up shot stand you ground and enjoy your turkey.