I am a bit of what my mother always referred to as a clothes horse.  An I was married for almost 20 years so I understand the concept of dressing your husband.  Now I find out that I an once again not unique.  Turns out, that although women typically harbor 16 items of clothing they never wear – they throw out their husband's clothes without telling him.


esearch says that 14 percent of women admit to going behind her man's back to clear out clothes she thinks "do not suit" him.

Now this might seem, to a woman, like a fine-able offense however studies have shown that progessional men appreciate the help. As shown in this recent style pilots study:

"When it comes to getting dressed for the office, a majority of working men still turn to their wives for fashion advice, a new study reports.

The survey, by men's fashion website Style Pilot, showed that two-thirds of men surveyed have their clothes chosen for them by their wife or partner. Half of those polled reported that their wives physically help them to dress in some way, such as tying their tie or adjusting their attire."