OK, it doesn't zap you but it is a gadget that tells you when you are eating too fast.  I'm sure we all remember the advice of Mom and the doctor if you want to be healthy and trim slow down and chew your food more. Easier said than done. I mean I have known this for years but I still struggle with suckin' food in like a Hoover when I'm really hungry...enter SMART FORK!

This baby is a fork to help you from snorking. And they tout the gizmo will help you on your weight loss quest -- the $99 HAPIfork. And even though I guess they thought the ZAP was a little over the top The HAPIfork comes complete with flashing lights and a USB connector, and monitors how many forkfuls you shovel in each minute and times how long you pause between bites. And just to embarrass you, it vibrates when you pig out by shoving in more than one bite every 10 seconds.

One more chance to get it right. I still think it should give you a little ZAP though:)