Well that is the conclusion of a new study done in Switzerland so drink it in and see what you think.

It has to do with the fact humans and other mammals display particularly intensive sleeping patterns during puberty and their brains mature fastest at this time and too much caffeine could be stealing that from your teen.

The study was supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) which is concerned that children and young adults' caffeine consumption has soared by over 70 per cent during the past 30 years Teenagers who drink too much caffeine could be affecting their brain development, Swiss scientists have warned.

Children and young adults guzzling the equivalent of three cups of coffee - three cans of energy drink or approximately one large bottle of cola - could be unconsciously reducing the amount of deep sleep they enjoy and slowing their brain development.

However, scientists exploring the effects of caffeine on rats found the maturing processes in the rodents' brains were delayed.

Researchers at the University Children’s Hospital Zurich, found that in pubescent rats, caffeine intake equating to three to four cups of coffee per day in humans results in reduced deep sleep and a delayed brain development.

The study show drops in intelligence and maturity.