We've been enjoying beautiful temperatures in the area for the past few days or so, apparently they're going to end beginning this Thursday night with cold air appearing and continuing into the weekend.  So, fill the wood shed, stock up the cellular with pellets or call the oil dealer, because according to various weather centers the coldest air of the year is heading our way!

Once again, you really don't know who to believe.  Accuweather predicts "brutal cold air", while The Weather Channel really doesn't show anything out of the ordinary for this time of year, looks like it will be getting colder at night by this weekend.  Our man Todd Simcox over at WABI TV 5 says, "An arctic cold front is forecast to cross the state on Thursday allowing much colder air to come in for the end of the week. Temperatures on Thursday will top off in the teens to mid-20s then only in the single numbers to near 10° up north Friday and teens to near 20° elsewhere. We could see a shot of arctic air coming in early next week".

Only Mother Nature knows for sure. Needless to say, it will get colder than the forty degree temperatures that we're enjoying today.  But we've come to expect that.

Remember, if it does get real cold, bring the animals in, check on the elderly, be careful with fire and still don't trust the ice......or the meteorologists.