When Kennebunk cops first raided Alexis Wright's Zumba studio on Valentine's Day 2012, they thought that they had stumbled upon something big, initially they thought something very big.

In court last week in Alfred, it was explained by Kennebunk police that due to the extraordinary amount of evidence seized, investigators thought they had uncovered a major, organized criminal network.  One officer thought they had discovered a "substantial prostitution ring".  Another officer called it a possible "extortion" racket

All initial thoughts were attributed to such an enormous amount of evidence.  120 hours of video tape which included cash being exchanged for sex, and very well kept ledgers, complete with a coding system.

And, someone had been tracing license plate numbers.  Could the police themselves be involved?  All initial suspicions, and very intriguing at the time.

We now know that there were two players in the prostitution scam, Alexis Wright, 30, of Wells, and Mark Strong, 57, of Thomaston, whose trial is going on right now.  Alexis Wright will stand trial in May.Yesterday it was reported that Defense Attorney Daniel Lilley wanted his "appeal fees" paid for by the State, considering that he wanted to drop out of the process before the trial even started, because his client Strong was broke and couldn't pay himself.

Today, Kennebunk police Patrol Officer Audra Presby returned to the witness stand for a third day of testimony.  She said that whe was "shocked" to find notes about her and her fellow Kennebunk officers on Mark Strong's computer.  Strong had been investigating on his own rumours of an alleged affair between Presby and her then superior Nicholas Higgins, who is no longer with the department.

Mark Strong claims he was brought into the prostitution scandal as "police payback".

Officer Presby said today, “I was quite taken back, honestly. I had never seen this man, and yet my name and my fellow officers were all over his legal pad. It was quite shocking.”