Augusta knows how to settle property disputes.

David Labbe was ready to sell an unwanted piece of property to the Dunkin Donuts franchise. However, neighborhood residents resoundingly shot the proposal down. They say the restaurant will encroach on residential boundaries and cause traffic problems. Labbe wasn't happy.

In response, Labbe has diecided to place toilets, outfitted with various flowers, on the property. He recently placed a sign in the lawn asking for 60 or 70 more toilets. Now residents aren't happy.

Neighbors are calling his moves juvenile. But Labbe doesn't care.

He said Dunkin was willing to pay him three times what he paid for the property back in 1999. Labbe says he wants out of the neighborhood after a burglary at his home three years ago. In addition he wants a safer home for his young kids. He says the neighborhood is filled with sex offenders and won't let his kids play outside unsupervised.

As funny as I think this is, the city isn't laughing. Labbe may find the city coming to ask for the removal of his ceramic 'screw you.' Augusta has strict ordinances on junkyards which his land could be considered if he gets all of his requested toilets.